Significado de Weinstube en en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈvʌɪnˌʃtuːbə/ /ˈvʌɪnˌstuːbə/ /ˈvaɪnˌʃtuːbə/


  • A small German wine bar or tavern.

    ‘With fine menus and long wine lists, Weinstuben offer guests a selection of the regional specialties.’
    • ‘The Schroeders are planning to add a Weinstube, or wine bar, as a place to sit inside the restaurant and enjoy a glass of wine and conversation.’
    • ‘Markets and restaurants are in walking distance of the campus - so are the Weinstuben, which start as soon a you pass through the medieval gate of the preserved city wall.’
    • ‘This is the most visible Weinstube (wine tavern) in town, established 300 years ago.’
    • ‘Much of Würzburg's nightlife takes place in its numerous Weinstuben (wine cellars).’
    • ‘Its well-prepared cuisine of Bavarian and German dishes is priced about the same as that found in far less desirable beer halls and Weinstuben (wine taverns) nearby.’


German, literally ‘wine room’.