Meaning of Weismannist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvʌɪsmənɪst/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the German biologist August Weismann or his theory of evolution and heredity.

    ‘this theory of heredity was Weismannist to its core’
    • ‘He promised to repudiate henceforth Weismannist formal genetics and blamed his teachers for his past errors.’
    • ‘Mendelian inheritance is in fact an instance of a more general mechanism called Weismannist inheritance.’
    • ‘This is the Weismannist assumption, expressed colloquially by saying that acquired characters are not inherited.’
    • ‘The Weismannist position attains its reductio ad absurdam in the fantasies of sociobiology in which the organism is regarded as merely a vehicle for genes.’
    • ‘I gave a brief explanation of how the Weismannist view had been given a molecular interpretation: acquired characters are not inherited because information cannot pass from protein to DNA.’


  • An adherent of the German biologist August Weismann's theory of evolution and heredity.

    ‘Weismannists uphold the so-called chromosome theory of heredity’
    • ‘The representatives of reactionary biological science - Neo-Darwinians, Weismannists, or Mendelist-Morganists - uphold the so-called chromosome theory of heredity.’
    • ‘The directors of the biological section installed cadres of Weismannists in the institutes under their direction.’
    • ‘Both Lamarckians and Weismannists admit that the better adapted to its surroundings a living form may be, the more likely it is to outbreed its compeers.’
    • ‘According to Weismannists, habit, effort, and intelligence acquired during the experience of any one life goes for nothing.’
    • ‘It cannot be denied that in the controversy that flared up between the Weismannists and Lamarckians in the beginning of the twentieth century, the Lamarckians were closer to the truth.’