Meaning of Weisswurst in English:


(also weisswurst)

Pronunciation /ˈvʌɪsvəːst/


mass noun
  • Whitish German sausage made chiefly of veal.

    ‘The German Weisswurst, or veal sausage, is a rare delicacy indeed.’
    • ‘The Nürnberger is a skinny, short bratwurst, and in Munich and much of Bavaria they eat Weisswurst.’
    • ‘Start by slicing your Weisswurst in half.’
    • ‘Serve with your favorite Weisswurst and Bockwurst.’
    • ‘They make traditional Weisswurst and sausages that are just phenomenal.’
    • ‘A nice Weissbeer makes a perfect accompaniment to a Weisswurst, pretzel and mustard.’
    • ‘When he took the ‘Weisswurst’ to the guests, there was some comments, but after tasting the new sausage he was heaped with praise and congratulations.’
    • ‘Bockwurst is often called ‘Weisswurst’ (white sausage) because of its pale color before it is browned.’


German, literally ‘white sausage’.