Meaning of weka in English:



  • A large flightless New Zealand rail with heavily built legs and feet.

    Gallirallus australis, family Rallidae

    • ‘Gangly yet beautifully coloured with its bright indigo feathers, glossy black wings, and vivid red beak and legs, the pukeko is a member of the same family as the weka.’
    • ‘I see a weka, the most common of the flightless ones, out by day whereas kiwis walk by night.’
    • ‘Ornithologists on an expedition to the Calayan Island in the Babuyan Islands in the Philippines have discovered a rare near-flightless rail, related to New Zealand's weka.’
    • ‘Bellbird, yellow-breasted tit, fantail, grey warbler and silvereye were common in all the forests and weka and robins were found in some areas.’
    • ‘We shifted inland a bit to a little farmlet and at that time there were weka everywhere in Gisborne.’


Mid 19th century from Maori, imitative of its cry.