Meaning of WEL in English:



Australian, New Zealand
  • ‘WEL's growth was spectacular’
    • ‘During the state campaign in 1973, WEL continued its successful publicity through a televised forum of political leaders.’
    • ‘Through its regular conferences and successful lobbying, WEL raised public awareness about feminism in Australia.’
    • ‘The applicant in the proceedings below would be supporting an application by WEL to intervene.’
    • ‘But the problem is that WEL will not admit that it isn't government preference.’
    • ‘WEL is concerned about taxation for low income earners.’
    • ‘WEL's growth was spectacular.’
    • ‘WEL also organised "Meet the Politician" public meetings that were well attended and reported.’
    • ‘The WEL show was pretty typical agit-prop theatre of the time.’
    • ‘WEL are holding their national conference in Sydney.’
    • ‘The election slogan, "Think WEL before you vote", was also clear and appealing.’