Meaning of weldable in English:



See weld

‘The coatings are weldable and impervious to automotive and hydraulic fluids.’
  • ‘Heat treatable aluminum alloys that can be welded effectively are being developed as weldable armor, making it possible to employ more forged and extruded armor components.’
  • ‘Repairs by welding are limited to steels having known weldable quality.’
  • ‘It has been used to weld dissimilar metals that were not weldable by the arc processes.’
  • ‘Optimum strength and workability can be obtained with 5% aluminum and 2.5% tin; in addition, this alloy has the advantage of being weldable.’
  • ‘They are not weldable, have poor ductility and only poor-to-fair toughness depending on carbon content and hardness.’
  • ‘With low interstitial content, unalloyed titanium is readily weldable.’
  • ‘The weldable aluminum-magnesium-zinc alloys are also receiving attention in this field.’
  • ‘Medium-carbon steels are readily weldable provided the above precautions are observed.’