Meaning of welkin in English:



  • The sky or heaven.

    ‘When the welkin had ceased to ring with their laughter and screeches, it was customary to join forces and proceed arm-in-arm to spend the evening in the town.’
    ‘The loud noise of rushing elephants resembled the roars of the clouds in the welkin, in the season of rains.’


    make the welkin ring
    • Make a very loud sound.

      ‘the crew made the welkin ring with their hurrahs’
      • ‘A large crowd was on the piers to witness her departure, and they made the welkin ring with their cheers.’
      • ‘Mark and his companions made the welkin ring with their shouts at the old man's answer.’
      • ‘For almost two hours, dignified doctors made the welkin ring with catcalls, boos, and cries of ‘Sit down!’’
      • ‘After the compromise was agreed to, the honest patriots of the country made the welkin ring with rejoicings, under the belief that it implied non-intervention in its broadest sense.’


Old English wolcen ‘cloud, sky’, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch wolk and German Wolke.