Meaning of well-tuned in English:



  • 1Of an instrument, the voice, etc.: finely or properly tuned; having a good tone; (of music or sound) tuneful, melodious. Also of a group of musicians, etc.: in good harmony.

  • 2Of the ear, etc.: highly attuned to or appreciative of music, melody, or harmony.

  • 3Characterized by or exhibiting euphony, balance, or apt arrangement.

  • 4Of an engine, motor vehicle, etc.: having its moving parts carefully adjusted so as to run smoothly and efficiently; in good working order or condition.


Mid 16th century; earliest use found in Biblia: the Bible. From well + tuned.



/ˌwɛlˈtjuːnd/ /ˌwɛlˈtʃuːnd/