Meaning of well adjusted in English:

well adjusted



  • (of a person) mentally and emotionally stable.

    ‘a well-adjusted, happy child is less likely to be physically ill’
    • ‘My son was a very happy and well-adjusted child.’
    • ‘Kids do need a healthy balance of love and discipline if they're going to grow into happy well-adjusted adults.’
    • ‘He's a calm, well-adjusted guy who seems to lack any outward foibles, let alone disabilities.’
    • ‘There are people who remove the skin before eating, and then there are sensible, well-adjusted people, who eat it.’
    • ‘Instead, they are, well, happy and well-adjusted kids who like life and like themselves, their friends and, mirabile dictu, us!’
    • ‘But more importantly, the very nature of the position can turn sane, well-adjusted men into malcontents.’
    • ‘‘We are dealing with tremendously well-adjusted people,’ he says.’
    • ‘Healthy, well-adjusted people build better societies, and improving societal institutions builds better people.’
    • ‘Studies show most children whose parents divorce go on to develop into well-adjusted adults.’
    • ‘It is shocking, but it is also a very human and personal story of a highly successful, well-adjusted young woman who had everything to live for.’
    • ‘Teachers also have expressed their ideas concerning what well-adjusted and successful students should be like.’
    level-headed, well balanced, well adjusted, balanced, sensible, practical, realistic, with one's feet on the ground, prudent, circumspect, pragmatic, wise, reasonable, rational, mature, stable, sane, even-tempered, commonsensical, full of common sense, judicious, sound, sober, businesslike, reliable, dependable