Meaning of well born in English:

well born



  • From a noble or wealthy family.

    ‘if one were well born enough to ‘come out’ it was a disaster to finish the season unbetrothed’
    • ‘A high-caste, well-born, English-educated lawyer had voluntarily chosen to give up power and position and live the life of an Indian peasant.’
    • ‘It was also optimistic and in this way at least egalitarian, the moral sense and common sense being shared by all men and not merely the educated and well-born.’
    • ‘What does come through, not altogether attractively, is a steely determination in these well-born girls to stick with their own kind.’
    • ‘Were he to observe today's scene, he might make the same pronouncement about well-born producers.’
    • ‘‘A well-born wife,’ Maximus pursued, ‘is gold in one's purse.’’
    • ‘As for the non-royal Egyptians, even well-born scribes and functionaries are shown kneeling or sitting cross-legged, in the non-propped positions still used by the majority of peoples around the world.’
    • ‘Nothing is recorded about Aristotle's early education; but since he came from a rich and learned family, he no doubt received the sort of literary and gymnastic training which was normal for a well-born Greek.’
    • ‘The daughter falls for a well-born local Italian boy; the mother wavers between support and resistance; a heartbreaking secret haunts the story.’
    • ‘I tilted my head back, sighing, wondering again how I had come to be like this, one of the many young well-born and well-dowered hostages in court.’
    • ‘A well-born girl was supposed to make a good marriage.’
    • ‘Whatever they did, they did it well, for they could rely on a good education and on the self-assurance common to well-born individuals.’
    • ‘Imagine, a well-born young gentleman like himself, actually carrying something heavy!’
    • ‘They are part of a group of rich, well-born folk having a bit of a holiday and dressing up as shepherds and shepherdesses.’
    • ‘There were more governesses than there were well-born children these days.’
    august, distinguished, illustrious, eminent, esteemed, great, elevated, exalted, honoured, venerable, dignified, refined, respectable