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well bred


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  • Having or showing good breeding or manners.

    ‘she was too well bred to say anything’
    • ‘a well-bred brood mare’
    • ‘She noted that most of Brian's friends were not the amiable rogues she had imagined them to be, but quite the contrary: a bit stiff in manner, well-bred, polite, and arrogant; as were most of the ladies.’
    • ‘Ultimately, the two criminals were tried for the same crime, but one got a reduced sentence on account of his well-bred looks and manners.’
    • ‘The lean, athletic actress with the well-bred manner became an instant star.’
    • ‘She (34, perhaps with neat blonde hair, long fingers and understated jewellery), is plain looking, though obviously well-bred.’
    • ‘This old nag is the supposedly wonderfully well-bred mare you're trying to sell me?’
    • ‘She was always such a wonderful young lady… polite, well-bred, smart as a whip.’
    • ‘Properly socialized, well-bred Pomeranians are enthusiastic and loving companions.’
    • ‘A well-bred puppy from a respected line has the potential of living with you a long time.’
    • ‘We assume at first glance that we are looking at twins: unmarried, well-bred, middle-class women of the same height, the same stance with near-to-identical features.’
    • ‘Also worth noting are the promising Lanesborough and the well-bred debutante Alexius, both mounts of Miles Trindle.’
    • ‘Bold Crusader, a well-bred newcomer from the powerful Godolphin stable, and the speedy Nan Scurry are two others to note.’
    • ‘A gentleman, for instance, will never be ostentatious or overbearing any more than he will ever be servile, because these attributes never animate the impulses of a well-bred person.’
    • ‘He arrived in Scarborough in 1792, a tall, well-spoken, well-bred man who apparently had the Duke of Rutland's backing to stand for one of the borough's two Parliamentary seats.’
    • ‘Sex education was a farce, if provided at all, and it usually wasn't. There were instances of well-bred middle-class gels entering into marriage with only the haziest idea of how babies were conceived and born.’
    • ‘My forebears were fantastically wealthy Armenians who came to England from India in the 19th century and married into a penniless but well-bred local family.’
    well brought up, well mannered, well behaved, polite, civil, courteous, respectful, deferential
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