Meaning of well conducted in English:

well conducted


  • 1Properly organized or carried out.

    ‘responsible, well-conducted businesses’
    • ‘Telephone polls have their drawbacks and I would not wish to suggest that they are generally more reliable than well conducted surveys.’
    • ‘In any well-designed, well-conducted survey, you don't stop just because you've discovered something.’
    • ‘It would be encouraging if well conducted studies had been done to discover what patients do expect in varying situations, but my impression is that this has not been a research priority.’
    • ‘Allowing a little for the dramatic music, close needle shots, and flowery commentary, it was good to see a well conducted experiment on prime time television.’
    • ‘A large crowd of over 80,000 roared in delight at the events at this well conducted meet, and almost drowned the sound of the engines.’
    • ‘Well, I think it was extremely well conducted, Larry.’
    • ‘He wrote, ‘The diplomatic entanglements involved make the Peace Conference seem like a well conducted private school.’’
    • ‘We hope and expect that you will have oversight over that role and ensure that that debate is well conducted.’
    • ‘Augustus Hervey at Stowe in 1765 ‘never saw so large a house so well conducted, servants all attention and respect’.’
    well mannered, polite, civil, courteous, respectful, deferential, obedient, gentlemanly, chivalrous, gallant, ladylike, genteel, cultivated, gracious, obliging, considerate, thoughtful, urbane, civilized, well spoken, formal, proper, decorous, refined, polished, well brought up
  • 2archaic Well behaved.

    • ‘On the latter point, how can any premises, licensed or not, bar any well conducted customer who has reached the age to vote?’