Meaning of well crafted in English:

well crafted


  • Skilfully constructed.

    ‘the screenplay is well crafted’
    • ‘his well-crafted public image’
    • ‘To begin with, the film is well crafted enough to seem like a "real" movie.’
    • ‘The many pas de deux were well crafted, each clearly depicting its true or false emotion.’
    • ‘Just as reality shows get more and more inane, comedy seems to be increasingly well crafted.’
    • ‘In terms of narrative flow, pacing and, occasionally, phrase-making, the text is well crafted.’
    • ‘Her shifting emotions and growing unease about her role in Reach's crimes are also well crafted.’
    • ‘On the surface, the music is brash, ebullient, jaunty, but also technically well crafted and even refined.’
    • ‘It's very entertaining, really well crafted.’
    • ‘The music is decidedly modern sounding yet accessible because it is highly imaginative and very well crafted.’
    • ‘This sequel is not only hilarious but surprisingly well crafted.’
    • ‘The architecture of this new university is consistent, restrained, refined and well crafted.’
    • ‘The music is atmospheric and generally well crafted.’
    • ‘He stands just a bit above everyone else, which is a tremendous feat considering the well-crafted cast of characters.’
    • ‘I think there's a certain art to a well-crafted comedic set piece.’
    • ‘Regardless of its roots, it's a very well-crafted TV movie.’
    • ‘Watching the film will reveal to you the implicit delights of this well-crafted piece.’
    • ‘You are perfectly entitled to enjoy well-crafted, feel-good entertainment without thinking too much about it.’
    • ‘He does not tolerate fools readily, but can be swayed by well-crafted, reasoned arguments.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that this is a well-crafted movie.’
    • ‘While most of the dialogue is well-crafted, there are a couple of cringingly awkward lines, especially in the final act.’
    • ‘These characters evolve over the course of a season filled with fascinating cases and well-crafted plots.’
    beautiful, lovely, elegant, graceful