Significado de well cut en en Inglés

well cut



  • (especially of clothes) skilfully made.

    ‘a well-cut dark suit’
    • ‘Fashion may be having a more lyrical moment, but please promise not to throw out all your tailored, well-cut essentials… they're the clothes you can wear day in and day out.’
    • ‘Dress wear includes fashionable silk ties and well-cut suits for men, and elegant dresses and skirts and blouses for women.’
    • ‘They suggested that it was legitimate and laudable for students of all income levels to desire and purchase well-cut suits and expensive Oriental rugs.’
    • ‘He turns up every day in an expensive, well-cut suit and steel-rimmed glasses, and speaks in a calm drawl.’
    • ‘A man in a well-cut suit was standing by the front door, watching us approach.’