Meaning of well dressing in English:

well dressing


mass noun
  • The decoration of wells with flowers at Whitsuntide, especially in Derbyshire, as an ancient custom originally associated with the belief in water deities.

    • ‘The annual well dressing in Gee Cross, near Hyde, has been a huge success since it was staged in 2000 for the first time in more than 100 years.’
    • ‘Visit our well dressing information page to view one of our well dressings in more detail and to see how it was made.’
    • ‘The process of well dressing is begun by filling the wooden frames with wet clay.’
    • ‘The practice of well dressing is continued in many places in the Peak District with a succession of different villages dressing their wells between the end of May and early September.’
    • ‘The activity of well dressing involves the preparation of a display of flowers, seeds and other natural materials on a bed of clay set in an artistic frame.’
    • ‘The unique tradition of well dressing in Derby Market Place was marked with the blessing ceremony by the Bishop of Derby.’
    • ‘Thirdly, it is thought the well dressing helped to prevent outbreaks of plague.’
    • ‘The Severn Valley Country Park ran an evening a while back to teach the ancient activity of well dressing.’