Meaning of well endowed in English:

well endowed



  • 1informal (of a man) having a large penis.

    • ‘the cast is all female apart from a couple of well-endowed chaps’
    • ‘You can tell a man is well-endowed by the size of his hands, feet, or nose.’
    • ‘He's said to be a very well endowed man.’’
    • ‘I even made a mental note that he was a very well-endowed guy.’
    • ‘It is possible that a man might buy one because he was spectacularly well-endowed.’
    • ‘He paid his bills, girls liked him, and he was well-endowed.’
    • ‘Guys who are well-endowed usually have more confidence.’
    1. 1.1(of a woman) having large breasts.
      • ‘the blouse was displayed by a well-endowed model’
      • ‘No points for guessing this comment came from a well-endowed woman.’
      • ‘One could only watch so much of well-endowed women in bathing suits running before it started to get kind of boring and repetitive.’
      • ‘She was especially well-endowed and on her tight T-shirt there was an image of the blessed Henrik.’
      • ‘At Court, and in Paris, wealth opened every door, and dukes and peers happily married the well-endowed daughters of great financiers.’
      • ‘This well endowed model continues to make the news.’
      • ‘A well-endowed model in an advertisement was used to sell virtually everything: movies, cars, fruit, coffee, brassieres and postcards.’
      • ‘Suddenly every indebted student or well-endowed young woman seems to be available as a human billboard.’
      • ‘As soon as a well-endowed young woman walking her dog came by in the other direction, the men's chatter started up again.’