Meaning of well equipped in English:

well equipped


  • 1Supplied with all the necessary equipment.

    ‘a well-equipped kitchen’
    • ‘We cook up dinner later in the caravan's incredibly well-equipped kitchen, and eat it out at the picnic table in front of a watercolour sunset.’
    • ‘The centre has a community cafe and a well-equipped training kitchen with facilities for disabled people.’
    • ‘He had at his command, ready for instant service, a well-equipped army of 20,000 men.’
    • ‘The imperial soldiers were well-equipped with modern guns while their enemies fought with swords.’
    • ‘The campsite, Pointe St Gilles, is large and well-equipped.’
    1. 1.1Having the appropriate mental resources for a situation or task.
      ‘he is well equipped to do the job efficiently’
      • ‘Many of the games are also less exciting than what you will find at a well-equipped gym.’
      • ‘The self-defence army in south Manchuria, whose headquarters was in Liaoning Province, was better equipped than Commander Yu's army.’
      • ‘Expect to pay well into the $100,000s for a well-equipped newer model.’
      • ‘No advice is good advice in the case of someone who's not well-equipped to help you.’
      • ‘Policy makers who have read From Chance to Choice will be better equipped to provide them.’
      • ‘Restaurant prices are also set to be very competitive, leaving plenty of spare cash to spend at the well-equipped shop.’
      • ‘They aren't very well equipped to overcome injuries.’
      • ‘Both are well equipped for the difficult challenge.’
      • ‘Apart from the well-equipped range at Tughlakabad in New Delhi, the others cannot be said to have the facilities to stage a world class event.’
      • ‘The theatre is well equipped to accommodate all the musical equipment for bands - the main reason why producers of the show chose the venue.’
      • ‘Estimated to number between 2,800 and 8,000 guerrillas, the MILF was, well-equipped and organized to conduct guerrilla operations.’
      • ‘It has been suggested that the stoneware was meant for everyday use within his well-equipped household.’
      • ‘A society that is sure of itself and what it stands for will be better equipped to respond robustly to bombs or bullets.’
      • ‘A modern and well-equipped school costs millions and this one will be more than £ 20 million.’
      • ‘Which emergency response team is better equipped?’
      • ‘I think my heart is so inclined towards my sons, and my passion for living so strong that I am well equipped to prepare my boys for adulthood.’
      • ‘In those days boys and girls went to separate schools and Olive's school at Leytonstone was well equipped to teach her the skills of domestic science.’
      • ‘The last big wave of attacks on Rwanda launched by the FDLR was in 2001, when the severely undermanned and under-armed group proved no match for the well-equipped Rwandan military.’
      • ‘Her family said Mrs Farmer had to move to a home that was better equipped to treat her after her fall.’
      • ‘Professional thieves know what they are looking for, are well equipped and are looking for that unguarded moment.’