Meaning of well executed in English:

well executed


  • Skilfully carried out.

    ‘the action scenes are well executed, but lack any real punch’
    • ‘The animations during the fight sequences are surprisingly well executed.’
    • ‘A good idea, well executed, can make all the difference.’
    • ‘The performances are well executed, secondary to the action.’
    • ‘It's a brilliantly simple idea, well executed.’
    • ‘This theme, the triumph of love over death, is well executed.’
    • ‘Deane is highly successful in the patterning and symmetry of his choreography, which was well executed by his fine troupe of classical dancers.’
    • ‘If well executed, slowly revealing the face of evil or merely implying what lurks behind the dark veil is eminently satisfying.’
    • ‘The features are undeniably useful and we feel that they're well executed and work well.’
    • ‘Like the expedition, this exhibit is ambitious and well executed.’
    • ‘All of the ones I'd read had an idea that was interesting, but weren't well executed.’
    • ‘This is well-crafted music - full of ideas, cohesive, and well executed.’
    • ‘His reaction, and the subsequent drama that unfolds between him and his fiancée, are exceedingly well executed.’
    • ‘The film is filled with small, well-executed character touches.’
    • ‘Almost any well-chosen, well-executed management strategy will do.’
    • ‘I don't see the problem in creating a well-executed film whose sole purpose is to thrill the audience.’
    • ‘Without a well-executed storyline, the game relies on thoroughly engaging gameplay.’
    • ‘It's tough to be harsh about a well-meaning, well-executed film from an impoverished country.’
    • ‘This is just well-executed, fun rock 'n' roll.’
    • ‘I compliment the developers for creating such an addicting and well-executed game.’
    • ‘As in any well-executed project, winning crews give off an air of effortlessness.’
    beautiful, lovely, elegant, graceful