Meaning of well formed in English:

well formed



  • 1Correctly or attractively proportioned or shaped.

    ‘by twenty weeks the fetus is well formed’
    • ‘His head was of the common size, to which appertained a well-formed face, a noble look, and tolerably fine eyes; in short, it appeared a borrowed head, stuck on a miserable stump.’
    • ‘But he raises an interesting question - the difference between the ‘bundle of cells’ and the well-formed fetus that could survive outside of the womb.’
    • ‘Her crops - beans, cucumbers, corn and melons - reached maturity about 10 days earlier than the norm and her produce was well-formed and wonderfully succulent.’
    • ‘These command stupidly high prices - a 4ft ponga trunk in good shape, with three to four well-formed fronds, can set you back from £100 up.’
    • ‘The inscription is in Greek with well formed letters seven to 12 centimetres high.’
    • ‘His complexion is white and red, the eyes black and fine, the nose well formed.’
    • ‘Look at a newborn baby's foot and you will observe a perfect little extremity, well formed with straight toes.’
    • ‘Foetal organs are well formed and acquire strength by the sixth and seventh months.’
    • ‘In general, the common name ‘porpoise’ is given to the related species, which lack a well-formed beak and have a squarish head and relatively chunky body.’
    • ‘Grandifloras grow much like hybrid teas, tall and with well-formed flowers, but the blooms are usually smaller than those of a hybrid tea and are produced in clusters.’
    • ‘However, exceptional well-formed, lustrous crystals to 10 cm are well known from the Bluebell mine on the shore of Kootenay Lake, British Columbia.’
    • ‘This old gold mine contained well-formed, bright lavender, prismatic amethyst crystals.’
    • ‘Term infants have well-formed skull bones separated by strips of connective tissue.’
    good-looking, nice-looking, attractive, personable, striking, stunning, fine, well proportioned, well formed
    1. 1.1(especially of a sentence or phrase) constructed according to grammatical rules.
      ‘well-formed sentences’
      • ‘Though grammatically well-formed, the sentence is meaningless - that was Chomsky's point, the independence of syntax from meaning.’
      • ‘True elementary arithmetic consists of all true well-formed sentences of this restricted language.’
      • ‘Speech (the utterance of a well-formed sentence in a particular situation) establishes three kinds of relation to reality.’
      • ‘It is a well-formed English sentence with a use in the language.’
      • ‘A perfectly well-formed answer to this question is ‘One’.’
    2. 1.2Logic Conforming to the formation rules of a logical system.
      ‘When the transform is applied to a well-formed logical statement that has a certain truth value in standard analysis, the transfer principle allows us to rest assured that the transformed sentence has the same truth value.’
      • ‘If human beings are capable of deciding the truth value of every well-formed mathematical statement, then classical logic will prevail after all.’
      • ‘From a formal point of view, a conclusion follows necessarily from the premises in a well-formed syllogism.’
      • ‘The syntax tells us which diagrams are acceptable, that is, which are well-formed, and which manipulations are permissible in each system.’