Meaning of well grounded in English:

well grounded



  • 1Based on good evidence or reasons.

    ‘her fears were well grounded’
    • ‘On another campaign promise, that of aid to cities, his position is similarly well grounded.’
    • ‘So the assumption is psychologically well grounded.’
    • ‘There is need to work out well grounded, multi-faceted and sustainable long-term measures on how to handle and manage drought situations.’
    • ‘In addition, many of Wilson's conclusions about individual controversies and developments are sound and well grounded.’
    • ‘One cannot exactly say that this solution, though plausible and well grounded, has been accepted by subsequent scholars.’
    • ‘Their buying and selling of rural and urban properties as well as of slaves are well grounded by the author through notary documents.’
    • ‘But if he's so convinced that her fears were well grounded, why didn't he do anything with the letters at the time of her death?’
    • ‘His arguments were well grounded, and his beliefs gradually gained supporters inside the army and in Congress, but his untimely death in 1881 stalled modernization progress.’
    • ‘Furthermore, he notes that ‘two thirds of students believe that they acquire most of their basic ICT related skills outside of their schooling’, and he seems to accept that their belief is well grounded.’
    • ‘I think that they are remarkably well grounded young men, I think their relationship has remained essentially unchanged.’
    • ‘Following more than two decades of uninterrupted economic growth and rapidly increasing prosperity, the belief that Sweden could accomplish just about anything it set out to achieve seemed well grounded.’
    • ‘If the claimants' suspicions are well grounded it may mean that he has been conducting a business in a manner which is in breach of the existing orders and undertakings.’
    • ‘These fears are well grounded, as not many years before this city was built, a large flood wiped out the entire known world.’
    • ‘Moreover, they feared him, and their fears ultimately proved well grounded.’
    • ‘Where there is force or the threat of violence or well grounded fear of violence, there is no voluntary consent.’
    well founded, sound, well grounded, reasonable, rational, logical, justifiable, defensible, defendable, supportable, sustainable, maintainable, workable, arguable, able to hold water, plausible, telling, viable, bona fide
  • 2Having a good training in or knowledge of a subject.

    ‘boys who are well grounded in traditional academic subjects’
    • ‘Carry on snapping I say, having checked this out with our photographers, who are pretty well grounded in the law of what can or cannot be photographed.’
    • ‘In the field of science I'm a novice, but I'm well grounded in cow care.’
    • ‘This wasn't just an argument of extremists, it was an argument of many people who were well grounded in biology.’
    • ‘Having written for technical and business publications in the past, I have grown accustomed to using jargon and assuming my readers are well grounded in information technology.’
    • ‘The first objective would be to empower the people, and to this end it would be necessary for those leading the action to be well grounded in the philosophy and principles of non-violent civil disobedience.’
    • ‘We enjoy reading and meditating on the works of the ancient philosophers and poets, and when reading modern books, prefer those by authors well grounded in the ancient canon.’
    • ‘Before one can add to his/her repertoire of new and innovative methods, they have to be well grounded in their primary discipline and experience.’
    • ‘He was co-founder in 1918 of the École Normale de Musique, where he was insistent on student pianists being well grounded in history and aesthetics.’
    • ‘Each company is well grounded in basic infantry skills.’
    • ‘Bass has done extensive archival work, has conducted some interviews, and is well grounded in the secondary literature.’
    • ‘To this chronicle, Dr Gourvish adds thoughtful and persuasive evaluations, well grounded in business organisation and economic theory.’
    • ‘This is a discussion of the Four Noble Truths by one well grounded in the Buddha's teachings.’