Meaning of well hung in English:

well hung



  • 1informal (of a man) having large genitals.

    • ‘She noted that when she sees a beautiful women walking around with an average looking guy on her arm she automatically thinks one of three things: he is either really rich or (as she put it) he is well-hung.’
    • ‘This legendarily well-hung South Shore resident had been working as a truck driver before complications with his lower back knocked him out of the transportation industry for good in the late 1980s.’
    • ‘Will I become rich and famous, to go along with fabulously handsome and extraordinarily well-hung?’
    • ‘This does not mean that the converse is necessarily true though, that guys who are well hung speak quietly.’
    • ‘Visit the site for an assessment of the ‘lengths manufacturers go to to convince us that their underwear will make us look well hung.’
    • ‘They also find out that their co-workers are well hung.’
    • ‘They want men who are the complete package - good looks, brainy but not too brainy or boring, funny, well off and well hung!’
  • 2(of meat or game) hung until sufficiently dry, tender, or high before cooking.

    ‘Perhaps this lack of properly butchered and well-hung meat has a lot to do with falling meat sales across the country.’
    • ‘The food heroes will focus on favourites such as turkeys, geese, well-hung beef, cheeses, wine, smoked salmon, pickles and chutneys.’
    • ‘If not well-hung the meat will be soft and flavourless.’
    • ‘And for the perfect roast beef Brian has these tips: ‘Buy a quality piece of meat, with fat in it, that has been well-hung.’’
    • ‘We'd spent about as much as you could on a turkey, opting for a free range, organic, slow-grown bird, corn-fed by West Country wenches and subsequently (rather than consequently) well-hung, with its guts in, for an extra gamey flavour.’
    • ‘Overall, though, Wishart advises that the best-quality meat will have been well hung.’
    • ‘‘The secret is that you need to start with extremely good beef, well hung and that you can trace so you know what you are buying - not something anonymously packaged,’ she said.’
    • ‘Father's venison, which came with a Dijon crust, beetroot, shallots and bacon, was medium rare, well hung and tasted delicious.’
    • ‘Darker, purpley-red meat that has a firm texture and creamy fat is a sign that it has been well hung.’
    • ‘It's just big, well-hung chunks of Aberdeen Angus with chips.’
    • ‘Many prefer their grouse ‘high’ but I think this spoils the delicate flavour, and those who have been put off by their first taste of grouse have invariably been served very well-hung birds.’