Significado de well judged en en Inglés

well judged


  • Showing careful consideration or much skill.

    ‘a highly skilled and well-judged performance’
    • ‘The film reveals itself carefully and smoothly with narrative skill and well-judged performances.’
    • ‘Mark Bowman and Adrian Bateson both provided an exquisite combination of well judged distribution skills, powerful carries and brute strength at the tackle point.’
    • ‘The battle was undeniably a close-run thing, but Wellington's well-judged defensive skill and the timely arrival of the Prussians proved too much for an emperor who was visibly past his best.’
    • ‘Richard Quinn's calm manner and well-judged riding skills have secured him many supporters in racing.’
    • ‘But it would be good to see the master of comedy in his element as he tickles our ribs with his well-judged mixture of politics, philosophy and custard pie routines.’
    • ‘It's a good performance and a well-judged one from an extremely talented actress who's too often taken safe roles that haven't pushed her into new territory.’
    • ‘The cast are all very watchable, with suitably arch but well-judged performances all round.’
    • ‘In the first 25 minutes, there was some exquisite rugby, where the balance between well-judged enterprise and reckless abandon was carefully maintained.’
    • ‘Here, a well-judged juxtaposition allows new insights.’
    • ‘He is not an adversarial interviewer, preferring the clever question softly spoken, or the well-judged pause, to the taunting or haranguing approach of some other broadcasters.’
    • ‘I would advise young people to try and make well-judged choices and surround yourself with the best people and work with the best in the business.’
    • ‘An extremely amusing and well-judged confessional monologue about a life spent drinking tea and observing diesel engines, it started out as a word-of-mouth hit.’
    • ‘This really is a seriously well-judged, modest album.’
    • ‘She put her stamp on it with a few well-judged cosmetic changes.’
    • ‘The message rather overshadows the rest of the song which follows, lovely and well-judged as it is.’
    wise, sensible, prudent, politic, shrewd, astute, canny, sagacious, common-sense, commonsensical, sound, well advised, well judged, well thought out, considered, thoughtful, perceptive, discerning, clear-sighted, insightful, far-sighted, percipient, discriminating, informed, intelligent, clever, enlightened, logical, rational