Meaning of well matured in English:

well matured


  • (of certain foods and drinks) having a rich, satisfying flavour developed through ageing.

    ‘a well-matured Merlot’
    • ‘Fresh and well-matured peaches command almost fabulous prices in these markets at so early a season.’
    • ‘Because of Java's distance from Europe and North America, the beans were well-matured by the time they the reached foreign markets.’
    • ‘A well-matured Stilton should have no cracks on its surface.’
    • ‘Well matured, home-produced cheese, such as blue- veined Cheshire, old Cheddar and ripe Stilton, still sells in the highest class retail stores at higher prices than less matured cheese.’
    • ‘It is of the highest quality, well matured and full bodied.’
    • ‘California can and does produce really good, well matured and properly bottled wines.’
    • ‘In cold and rainy years certain wines are so tart that it becomes impossible to destroy their tartness by blending them with well matured wines.’
    full-flavoured, flavoursome, flavourful, full of flavour, rich, intense, fruity, deep, heavy, strong, robust, bold, warm, mellow, redolent, well matured