Meaning of well oiled in English:

well oiled



  • 1(especially of an organization) operating smoothly.

    ‘the ruling party's well-oiled political machine’
    • ‘Her Parent Advisory Committee is dominated by French-immersion parents and, she said, the group operates like a well-oiled machine.’
    • ‘The briefing went smoothly as a well-oiled machine; everyone knew their jobs and capabilities.’
    • ‘I have played in games where it was a sheer pleasure because my team operated like a well-oiled machine.’
    • ‘I want to run this organisation like a well-oiled machine, so these things need to be in place, ‘he said.’’
    • ‘Like a well-oiled machine, the organisers had collated details and created a database on the would-be grooms and brides.’
    • ‘It has created an efficient media outfit, its party organisation runs like a well-oiled machine.’
    • ‘But in general, this operating environment is a well-oiled machine.’
    • ‘Our fulfillment and phone order operations are already a well-oiled machine.’
    • ‘Few argue that it always works like a smooth, well-oiled machine.’
    • ‘You have everything running as smooth as a well oiled machine, as always.’
    • ‘Current management thinking largely assumes that a well functioning organisation is akin to a well oiled machine.’
    • ‘Anthony is as lean and fit as his stockmen and they work together like a well-oiled machine, mustering the cattle through today's weaning, weighing and dipping with practiced ease.’
    • ‘Around here, gossip is a well-oiled machine, traveling at mind-boggling speeds, and this is just one more thing that I will not miss about the place.’
  • 2 informal Drunk.

    • ‘I was pretty well oiled that evening’
    • ‘Stan waited until the stomachs were full and the audience well oiled before selling the raffle tickets that brought in a bundle for the local Boys Orphanage.’
    intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin