Meaning of well ordered in English:

well ordered


  • Arranged or organized in an orderly way.

    ‘the only rash decision of his well-ordered life’
    • ‘this is a lovely book, beautifully designed and well ordered’
    • ‘The principles governing the research process are clean, well-ordered, and rational when they appear on crisp white paper in black text.’
    • ‘Norway is an incredibly neat and well-ordered country.’
    • ‘His cleverly laid-out acre of well-ordered greenery - all structure and hedges, borders and neat gravel paths - is set against a vista of flat fields and vast, pale skies.’
    • ‘Mother knew instinctively what the keepers of the castles have always known: that trouble - the kind that might threaten the symmetry of a well-ordered garden - needs time to take root.’
    • ‘It seems to have emerged as a well-ordered and tightly run establishment which is well-liked by most of its students and parents.’