Meaning of well supported in English:

well supported


  • 1Receiving regular support from many people.

    ‘a famous and well-supported club’
    • ‘They're both well supported clubs and both sets of fans are looking for the same outcome.’
    • ‘The well-supported event was in aid of the Gateway Club and many local businesses pitched in to help this worthwhile charity.’
    • ‘He said: ‘They (the events) have always been so well-attended and well-supported, it shows just how popular he was and how much people loved him.’’
    • ‘The Gloucestershire Mobile Library still makes visits and is much appreciated and well-supported.’
    • ‘I hope that a well-supported campaign will persuade the council to seek revenue from other sources and that parking will revert once again to being free in the evening, as it should be.’
  • 2Supported by much evidence.

    ‘a well-supported theory’
    • ‘The eleven case studies presented here are all well-supported by evidence drawn from a wealth of sources, including historical archives, biological surveys, and oral interviews.’
    • ‘It is something physicists have been discussing since at least the nineteen fifties, and follows from other well-supported theories of physics.’
    • ‘The theory is not well-supported by studies that look at the personality of people outside the home.’
    • ‘Neither of these views seems well supported by the empirical evidence.’
    • ‘Science education should be based on ideas that are well supported by evidence.’