Meaning of well thumbed in English:

well thumbed


  • (of a book, magazine, etc.) having been read often and bearing marks of frequent handling.

    ‘a treasured, well-thumbed copy of Pepys’
    • ‘It's dotted with low glass tables, Eastern religious icons and some well-thumbed books on astrology.’
    • ‘Leaving his boyhood club was like closing the last page on a well-thumbed book.’
    • ‘Dozens of adoring young fans held out their well-thumbed copybooks for autographs, others wanted a little bit more and pleaded for a photograph or, God forbid, even a hug or a peck on the cheek.’
    • ‘On the walls hang drawings and lithographs from family, friends and favourite artists, a bookshelf displays an array of well-thumbed cookbooks, and the kettle bubbles on the hob.’
    • ‘Two well-thumbed volumes, though, tucked away among the others, are the key to a balanced life away from the corridors of Westminster and the theatres and concert halls of the West End.’
    • ‘Simon rummaged around and came out with a well-thumbed paperback.’
    • ‘He carries a foldaway pine stool, a well-thumbed copy of yesterday's Evening Standard and a small frying pan in a crumpled polythene bag.’
    • ‘He is fond of waving aloft his well-thumbed copy of the UN charter.’
    • ‘I gave my well-thumbed copy to a friend when she moved away: I don't know if she enjoyed it.’
    • ‘I had a well-thumbed copy of the Female Eunuch, given to me by my very socially aware sister.’


well thumbed