Meaning of well travelled in English:

well travelled

(US well traveled)

Pronunciation /ˌwɛl ˈtravld/


  • 1(of a person) having travelled widely.

    ‘There are a lot of very interesting, very smart, very well-traveled people here, people with a lot of experience doing the kind of work I want to do.’
    • ‘I am a well travelled American and have personally observed this numerous times on my world travels.’
    • ‘The well-traveled person ‘knows’ distant places and, thus, has often gained new insight into his/her place of origin.’
    • ‘They are very hospitable to learned and well-traveled people, as they love to learn new things from them.’
    • ‘Before he escaped from slavery on New Year's Day, 1834, this unusually well-traveled slave had seen and experienced slavery from almost every perspective, an education that he would put to good use throughout his literary career.’
    • ‘I once asked a well travelled friend about the differences between cultures around the world.’
    • ‘I would not use the word ‘naive’ for a 40 plus, well-travelled woman of means.’
    • ‘The passengers are predominantly well-travelled North Americans and Europeans, plus a few from Hong Kong and Japan.’
    • ‘I used to taunt well-travelled friends who had never visited the Berlin Wall by saying that no one could claim to be a citizen of the world who had not seen it.’
    • ‘But while Kate is certainly well-travelled, she doesn't cook.’
    • ‘One well-traveled friend swears that seeing an English-language movie in a foreign theater, with the prefilm commercials and snack bar offerings, gives you more insight into daily life than trying to read the local paper.’
    • ‘A very sisterly woman named Mary made a point of referring to her handsome, well-traveled son who had just gone to the store, by the way, but would be back shortly so I could meet him.’
    • ‘Ella appears to be a strong, independent, and well-traveled scholar whose desire for recognition drives her to attempt this trip into the unknown.’
    • ‘He was well-traveled and had friends all over the world.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, our well-traveled judges often voted almost with one mind.’
    worldly, worldly-wise, well travelled, knowing, aware, mature, seasoned, experienced, unprovincial, cultivated, cultured, sophisticated, suave, urbane, polished, refined
  • 2(of a route) much frequented by travellers.

    ‘The stairs leading from the servants level to ground were well-travelled routes, with untold scores of menials scurrying to and fro between their masters and duties.’
    • ‘The trails (most of them traditional, well-traveled routes used in Igloolik for generations) were mainly mapped while traveling, using the track function of a portable GPS unit.’
    • ‘Of the 37 trails, 23 correspond to traditional, well-traveled routes, while the trail from Igloolik to the floe edge varies slightly from year to year.’
    • ‘But this was not a glad sight, for the roads and paths showed that they were well-travelled, and recently, by mounted troops.’