Meaning of well trodden in English:

well trodden



  • Much frequented by travellers.

    ‘a well-trodden path’
    • ‘Since 1980, I have enjoyed access from the bottom of my garden across an unfenced area of privately owned woodland (via a well-trodden path) to a golf course where I am a member.’
    • ‘It is a well-trodden path and holds many memories for the people of the area,’ he added.’
    • ‘A well-trodden path wends its way around the water - apart from a spot where a small natural wood hugs the shoreline - and sturdy platforms are spaced at regular intervals.’
    • ‘Cross the road and continue straight ahead along the distinct well-trodden path of the Pennine Way, England's first official long-distance footpath.’
    • ‘He left his aunt and children before the border crossing and took a circuitous route out through the desert, a well-trodden smugglers' path, and met them on the other side.’
    • ‘My daughter simply beat a well-trodden path from the bottom of the slide to the top and down again, at least forty times over the two hours she was there as far as I could tell.’
    • ‘Climbers are also advised to plan their routes carefully, to stick to well-trodden paths and to stay together in groups.’
    • ‘Follow the well-trodden path through the narrow gorge for about 100 yards, until you emerge to a great view of Loch Lomond.’
    • ‘Here we learned that something was going on, which explained why no one was out on a Sunday on the well-trodden paths and tracks.’
    trodden, trampled