Meaning of well turned in English:

well turned


  • 1(of a compliment, phrase, or verse) elegantly expressed.

    • ‘Unfortunately, this too becomes irritating, as you become so preoccupied with the well-turned phrases and exotic vocabulary that the already slight storyline comes to seem almost superfluous.’
    • ‘But Martin balanced his ambition with an ear for winning melodies, well-turned phrases, dry wit, and an undercurrent of moroseness.’
    • ‘And if you've ever congratulated yourself on a well-turned phrase, a few pages of Riotta's prose will restore a pronounced sense of humility.’
    • ‘Like Virgil's, his shepherd-boys are marvellously bookish, and speak in well-turned phrases.’
    • ‘It is a well-turned phrase but it doesn't tell the whole story.’
    • ‘The Python gang taught me to find beauty in language and joy in a well-turned phrase.’
    • ‘It shows its character in instrumentation, thoughtful lyrics, and well-turned phrases and doesn't slip into musical rhetoric, which tends to manifest itself in obscurity and confusion.’
    • ‘This isn't one of those moments you can fix with a well-turned phrase.’
    • ‘Astonishingly, he was commissioning his young friend John, the man of well-turned phrases, to propose marriage in his behalf.’
    • ‘In one well-turned, humorous phrase, Michael steals his equally alliterative interviewer Lou's article right out from under him.’
    • ‘They send me gift baskets in appreciation for a phrase well-turned, and that's great.’
    • ‘He also responded to insults with more creative insults, and occasionally responded to legitimate criticisms with well-turned phrases.’
  • 2(especially of a person's ankle or leg) having an elegant and attractive shape.

    • ‘The theme of her new film is carried over into fashion where heaving, corseted bosoms and well-turned ankles encased in fishnets and heels are all the rage.’
    • ‘He was capable of noticing a well-turned ankle.’
    • ‘Black hose revealed a well-turned leg, disappearing into puffed pumpkin hose, richly embroidered and paned in black on black.’
    • ‘She tries to stand; the pain along her hips twists down her calves, the well-turned legs she is still proud of.’
    • ‘He was a man of the table, the hunt and the well-turned ankle.’
    • ‘This ploy was so successful that Victorian men became fainthearted at the sight of a well-turned ankle.’
    • ‘And John Davidson said that while the top model would be back, a new generation of potential supermodels were snapping at her well-turned ankles.’
    • ‘I've always thought a well-turned phrase was like a well-turned ankle.’
    • ‘It may just be us, but a fantastically well-turned set of ankles in a pair of smart courts is, suddenly, kind of kinky.’
    • ‘‘If a man with a pot-belly has well-turned calves,’ blushes Kate, ‘he should show them off!’’
    well proportioned, well formed, well shaped, attractive, clean-limbed


Late 16th century originally with reference to the turning of a piece of work on a lathe.


well turned