Meaning of well used in English:

well used


  • Much used.

    ‘a well-used wax jacket’
    • ‘Brickley Lane is a well-used route by schoolchildren and a cycle path would be of benefit to children cycling to local schools.’
    • ‘You are also more likely to see other people on well-used routes.’
    • ‘It's a useful and well-used route, but the stations look like they are falling apart and the trains are not much better.’
    • ‘The chances are that you will have company at some stage during the walk, for this is a well-used route.’
    • ‘The road has been a well-used alternative route both to and from Bradford for many years.’
    • ‘At smoke-shops on tribal lands, tribes could sell cigarettes to the public without federal taxes added, making them lucrative when located near well-used routes.’
    • ‘Jarston agreed and soon they were away down the well-used route to Port Alentio, which would take them around two days to reach.’
    • ‘The land of Jordan lies along an ancient and well-used trade route, making it geographically valuable.’
    • ‘The route was initially a footpath but has become so well-used that part of it has even been concreted.’
    • ‘As the joint co-ordinator of a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme, I approached the council requesting lighting for a well-used walkway in the vicinity - one which no woman or child could be expected to use after dark.’
    • ‘Just walk along the pavements outside any railway station, including large towns such as Geneva or Luzern, and they are virtually litter free there are plenty of well-used litter bins, together with recycling bins in many areas.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the company says there isn't much appetite for the construction of a huge outflow into the Elbow River near a well-used pedestrian bridge in a scenic area brimming with million-dollar homes.’
    • ‘The hotel is well-used and it is a worrying time for a lot of staff.’
    • ‘There are three loss-making pay phones in the area, none are particularly well-used.’
    • ‘Bradford's snickets, the alleyways and passages which link streets and roads, are often well-used, convenient short-cuts for pedestrians, helping to avoid long walks around the houses.’
    • ‘If it is well-used it is fulfilling a social purpose and we would be reluctant to relocate it unless the box is the cause of the problem, which I do not think it is in this case.’
    • ‘It has a lot of scope to become a well-used community building that is commercially viable.’
    • ‘It is well-used and is often packed with young people.’
    • ‘What he describes as a ‘dusty old church hall’ is actually a well-used space with excellent facilities, including a brand new professional kitchen and a disabled toilet.’
    trodden, trampled


well used