Meaning of well woman in English:

well woman


British as modifier
  • Denoting a clinic or other establishment providing health advice and check-ups for problems specific to women.

    • ‘Anyone who feels uncomfortable or anxious about feeling their breasts may find it helpful to discuss their worries with a doctor or nurse, or staff at a well woman clinic.’
    • ‘Well man clinics are nowhere near as ubiquitous as well woman clinics and did not take off when they were introduced in the early 1990s. However, some clinics have been successful, and perhaps the area needs to be revisited.’
    • ‘Additionally, negative undergraduate experiences may discourage men from involvement in contraception, well woman screening, and gynaecological problems in family practice.’
    • ‘He has insisted I take vacation, he has let me know that I should take time out for well woman health tests, he has encouraged me to have fun and made me feel I'm doing my job well and deserve to have some fun.’
    • ‘He is recognized for improving immunization rates and developing a well woman program within the Cass Lake Service Unit in Minnesota.’
    • ‘She had attended for a well woman check up two weeks earlier and had mentioned that she was experiencing persistent fatigue.’