Meaning of Welsh Black in English:

Welsh Black


  • An animal of a black-coated breed of cattle developed in North Wales, now generally kept for both meat and milk production.

    • ‘As a patron of the society, the Prince was particularly interested in the Welsh Black cattle, and he said he wanted to get some of our charcoal for his next family barbecue.’
    • ‘In the distance, a rare Welsh Black cow sits on the grass, her coat so shiny it looks as if it has been washed and conditioned.’
    • ‘But while there were Saddlebacks, Welsh Blacks, Large Blacks, Large Whites, Lops, Landrace and Durocs, among others, there were no Tamworths.’
    • ‘Visitors are welcome to look around the couple's sheep and Welsh Black and Limousin cattle farm and the business is proving such a success that the Turners are thinking of expanding.’
    • ‘Bill, who spends the rest of the year running a herd of pedigree Welsh Black cattle at Trefawr Farm, Llanfyrnach, confided that loose leaf tea was the secret of a good cuppa.’