Meaning of Welsh onion in English:

Welsh onion


  • An Asian onion that forms clusters of slender bulbs which resemble salad (spring) onions. It is the onion most commonly used in SE Asia.

    Allium fistulosum, family Liliaceae (or Alliaceae)

    • ‘They've got some unusual things growing there - Welsh onions are a perennial onion which grows in clumps.’
    • ‘In the cold frame outside the beans, peas Welsh onions and sweet peas are also doing well, and I'm now leaving the lid open all the time.’
    • ‘Sunday was a quieter day, garden-wise, but I did manage to pot up my 5 sweetcorn plants and I also planted up my strawberry tower with 11 petunias, 5 basil, 4 carrots and 4 Welsh onions.’
    • ‘Now there should be room for the 5 sweetcorn (which are growing well) and the sprouting broccoli and the 4 runner beans I have been given in exchange for the Welsh onions.’
    • ‘The Welsh onions are now in the unheated sun room; the petunias are in the house as they need warmer temperatures to germinate.’


Early 18th century (as Welch onion): Welsh from German welsch ‘foreign’.