Meaning of Welshman in English:



  • A male native or inhabitant of Wales, or a man of Welsh descent.

    • ‘Here, in the early thirteenth century, a physician named Rhiwallon founded a line of doctors that spread across Wales and persisted for hundreds of years - some Welshmen still claim descent from the physicians.’
    • ‘In a new departure, most bishops appointed to Wales after 1559 were native Welshmen, and several of them gave patronage to the bards who played an important part in Welsh society.’
    • ‘For me there were many other role models of Welshmen working in pastorates all over our little nation - Wales is 200 miles north to south and a hundred miles east to west.’
    • ‘Native-born Welshmen have a significant presence in the national squad.’
    • ‘I am a Welshman who is as proud today of being team manager as I was on the day I was appointed to the job.’
    • ‘The Welshmen had brought this game to Wrexham to strengthen new links in the north-west of the country, and they were rewarded with a crowd of 5,060, more than the Wrexham football team had drawn the previous night.’
    • ‘The Welshmen singing ‘Men of Harlech’ is very stirring.’
    • ‘The Welshmen were struggling in the old fourth division at the time while Arsenal were one of the biggest forces in the game.’
    • ‘It was a case of using whoever was available so we had a few Welshmen and the rest of us were from all over.’
    • ‘This Discovery Channel article reports asks ‘Stonehenge: Built by Welshmen?’’
    • ‘The Welshmen contained United until Graham Kavanagh chested down a ball into Thorne's path on 41 minutes and Neil Harris scored with a diagonal shot.’
    • ‘But that was as close as the Welshmen were going to get.’
    • ‘The first-half switching of Howarth and Tommy Hayes, with each taking a turn at stand-off, also baffled the Welshmen and led directly to the opening try.’
    • ‘Hercus made the touchline conversion this time, meaning the Welshmen were 15-3 ahead after only 15 minutes.’