Meaning of welwitschia in English:



  • A gymnospermous plant of desert regions in south-western Africa that has a dwarf, massive trunk, two long strap-shaped leaves, and male and female flowers in the scales of scarlet cones. It is remarkable for its ability to extract moisture from fog.

    Welwitschia mirabilis, family Welwitschiaceae

    • ‘Here you find the most extreme desert adapted fauna and flora including Hartmann's Mountain zebra, chameleons, 1,000 year old welwitschia and quiver trees.’
    • ‘A single pair of leaves is the sum total of the foliage that welwitschias produce in their lifetime.’
    • ‘The Centre is also monitoring a population of welwitschias further upriver, at the site of the old Hope copper mine.’
    • ‘According to George Lindsay, welwitschias also absorb moisture in the form of dense fog that flows over the Namib Desert.’
    • ‘I lived among welwitschia in Northwest Namibia and fond them fascinating.’


Mid 19th century modern Latin, named after Friedrich Welwitsch (1806–72), Austrian botanist.