Meaning of Wendish in English:



  • another term for Sorbian (adjective)

    • ‘David Zersen is president emeritus of Concordia University at Austin, the only university in the world founded largely by the descendants of Sorbian / Wendish immigrants.’
    • ‘The 500 or so Sorbian immigrants who arrived in Galveston, Texas, in 1854 were primarily bilingual, speaking German and Wendish, and called themselves German Wends.’
    • ‘Hoerder illustrates this statement by discussing the Jewish Diaspora, the Muslim movement into Spain, the crusades, early slavery, and the migrations of the Normans and the Wendish.’
    • ‘The concluding festivity of a Wendish wedding was a shivaree after the bride and groom had retired.’
    • ‘In a Polish book I found the statement that Wendish was still spoken on Rügen in the 15th century.’
    • ‘At the middle of the 20th century, the Wendish settlement was all but unknown except to a few historians.’
    • ‘Here are some examples of Wendish names with both the Wendish spelling and the German spelling.’
    • ‘On the next day we buried him, like his sister, with a German and a Wendish address and the singing of a hymn.’
    • ‘In the 1980s Concordia Lutheran College in Austin still received considerable Wendish support.’
    • ‘The Wendish migration to the United States was closely associated with that of the Germans.’
    • ‘The documents comprise several thousand manuscript pages; of these, about six hundred pages are in Wendish.’
    • ‘As cultural ambassador of the town of Cottbus, the groups is carrying the Wendish customs beyond the borders of their homeland into the whole world.’