Meaning of Wensleydale in English:



  • 1mass noun A type of white cheese with a crumbly texture.

    • ‘Blue Wensleydale is unusually firm in texture for a blue cheese.’
    • ‘Stilton or a very mature Cheddar have enough of a tang to be interesting, Caerphilly or Wensleydale slightly less so.’
    • ‘There are lots of modest veggie dishes that I prepare for lunch or dinner, such as stuffed pepper with couscous, mushroom and coriander or a lump of Wensleydale on toast.’
    • ‘The farm now produces a wide range of award-winning cheeses including Lancashire, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester, Cheshire and Wensleydale.’
    • ‘The menu consisted of smoked trout, spring chicken, and strawberries and cream, ending with a serving of the Yorkshire cheese, Wensleydale.’
    • ‘One of the best local cheeses is Grimbister, a fresh farmhouse cheese not dissimilar to Wensleydale.’
    • ‘The white part of the cheese is milky and crumbly almost like a Wensleydale.’
  • 2A sheep of a breed with long wool.

    • ‘Topping the sheep lines was the Wensleydale, entered by Jack Watkinson, of Hutton Ghyll, near Leyburn.’
    • ‘She now has more than 80 sheep, including Wensleydales, Romneys, New Zealand Corriedale, Corriedale-cross-Shetland, LLanwenog from the Welsh borders and Jacob-cross-Polworth, from Scotland.’
    • ‘Sally has been organically farming the fine wool from Wensleydales in Stoodleigh, Devon, for 11 years and now has the largest flock in the world.’
    • ‘North Yorkshire farmer Roger Brown certainly pulled no punches as he showed his Wensleydales at an agricultural show yesterday.’


Named after Wensleydale in Yorkshire.