Meaning of wentletrap in English:



  • A marine mollusc which has a tall spiral shell with many whorls that are ringed with oblique ridges.

    Family Epitoniidae, class Gastropoda: numerous species, including the European common wentletrap (Clathrus clathrus)

    • ‘Discover the survival techniques of whelks, worms, wentletraps, and other marine creatures.’
    • ‘About 24 kinds of wentletraps have been recorded in North Carolina waters.’
    • ‘While the flats near the jetty have a reputation for producing many of the smaller species including wentletraps, nothing noteworthy was found due at least in part to the height of the tide.’
    • ‘Another site on northern Pura has a great drop off with a large overhanging reef, filled with daisy corals; looking close we saw wentletraps laying their eggs in the daisy corals.’
    • ‘Inside, the shells are emptied or crammed full of the creatures that created them: waved whelk and wentletraps, oysters and scallops, some of them dead, others trying to re-water themselves or dry out a bit in the sand.’


Mid 18th century from Dutch wenteltrap, literally ‘winding stair’.