Meaning of were it not for in English:

were it not for

(also if it were not for)


  • Used in forming a clause expressing that a specified person or thing prevented a particular outcome.

    ‘were it not for the strikes, we would have seen much better results’
    ‘I would have had fun on the vacation were it not for this’
    • ‘Regardless of where she studies, it would be impossible were it not for financial aid.’
    • ‘The inclusion of picking locks could've been a great feature of the game, were it not for the fact that it becomes so incredibly easy that you can sleepwalk through every door and chest.’
    • ‘We would not have made the progress we've made were it not for the support of the president.’
    • ‘I don't know how this all would have turned out if it were not for the amazing support I received from the blogging community.’
    • ‘If it were not for the fact that the cost per hour of being here is remarkably high, I would recommend that everyone work this way.’