Meaning of weren't in English:



  • Were not.

    • ‘Why weren't the fans all decked in the colours of Australia or Germany or Turkey or Italy?’
    • ‘There was incredible kindness there, and to know that you weren't alone was such a boost.’
    • ‘He drank during the day, when they weren't there, and at night after they had gone.’
    • ‘I also learnt the hard way that some people who called themselves my friends weren't.’
    • ‘Although the red tomatoes were good, the green and yellow ones weren't ripe enough.’
    • ‘We offered to build the last mile and share ownership, but they weren't interested.’
    • ‘We wanted to make sure they were completely happy, and knew they weren't being made fun of.’
    • ‘Later on at school we had the children sitting in rows and they weren't allowed to talk to each other.’
    • ‘We met in 1998, and we knew within a year that we weren't going to be able to have a baby easily.’
    • ‘They weren't sure about the rule of law, or about how company reform would proceed.’
    • ‘As time dragged on, they realised that they weren't going to find their dream home.’
    • ‘That said, if it weren't for the rain, the course would have been even more difficult.’
    • ‘We had found the bar down a side street and there weren't many Scots here besides ourselves.’
    • ‘The opposition weren't great to say the least, but they made up for it in passion.’
    • ‘They'd all said it was big, but we weren't really prepared for quite how big it actually is.’
    • ‘We put it down to teething problems and weren't adverse to giving it another try.’