Meaning of Werner's syndrome in English:

Werner's syndrome

Pronunciation /ˈwəːnəz/ /ˈvɛː-/


mass nounMedicine
  • A rare hereditary syndrome causing rapid premature ageing, susceptibility to cancer, and other disorders.

    ‘Dr Faragher and his colleagues have been searching for clues in people with Werner's syndrome, a disease in which ageing is speeded up by a faulty gene, causing sufferers to die in their forties with the bodies of centenarians.’
    ‘Cells taken from patients with Werner's syndrome, who show an acceleration of many features of normal aging, make significantly fewer divisions in culture than normal cells.’


1930s named after Carl O. Werner (1879–1936), German physician.


Werner's syndrome

/ˈwəːnəz/ /ˈvɛː-/