Meaning of wero in English:



New Zealand
  • A challenge, originally one issued by an armed Maori warrior.

    ‘the seminars were essentially a wero to the students’
    • ‘Advancing towards them is a warrior with full moko; the wero is intense.’
    • ‘A wero can be threatening and punishing but a koha is more likely to be accepted as a peaceful gesture.’
    • ‘There were some stunningly ignorant comments on the wero, asking why important visitors to New Zealand were greeted by "a Maori New Zealander jumping around half naked".’
    • ‘As first-timers they all receive a formal welcome that begins with the spine-chilling wero (challenge by one of the local warriors).’
    • ‘Like the haka, the wero is one of those things that make New Zealand unique, and I think it has similar widespread public acceptance.’
    • ‘On some occasions, a formal wero (challenge) may commence the rituals.’
    • ‘He advocated that Maori children "learn English first" and called for the elimination of the wero in favour of "a handshake or an honour guard or something".’
    • ‘There was somebody doing the wero, holding a wooden stick, a spear, in their hand in a very warrior-like welcome.’
    • ‘A 35-strong group of Maoris performed a ceremonial challenge called the wero to determine whether the visitors were friend or foe.’
    • ‘She has a wero for one of New Zealand's most successful Maori artists.’