Meaning of West Nile virus in English:

West Nile virus


  • A flavivirus originally isolated in eastern Africa, transmitted by mosquitoes, usually between birds, but sometimes causing epidemics of disease (typically fever or encephalitis) in humans and horses.

    ‘these pools can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus’
    • ‘Humans typically acquire West Nile virus through a bite from an infected adult mosquito.’
    • ‘Birds are the main carriers of the West Nile virus, which is spread by mosquitoes.’
    • ‘Mosquitoes acquire West Nile virus from birds and pass it on to other birds, animals and people.’
    • ‘There have been a small number of cases of tourists in Europe catching West Nile virus from mosquito bites.’
    • ‘Reports of the possible spread of West Nile virus to Florida are a reminder that mosquitoes are no mere summertime irritant.’
    • ‘But the St. Louis encephalitis virus is actually more lethal than the West Nile virus.’
    • ‘A kidney recipient tested positive for West Nile virus but was reported to have no symptoms.’
    • ‘The president's regressed condition is spreading like the West Nile virus throughout the West Wing and beyond.’
    • ‘Biologists suspect that migrating birds are spreading West Nile virus.’
    • ‘There have been seven confirmed cases of West Nile virus encephalitis this year in Florida.’
    • ‘An elderly Georgia woman was confirmed on Friday as the first fatality this year from West Nile virus.’
    • ‘Surveillance of mosquitoes, sentinel birds, and dead birds for West Nile virus in America warned of this summer's impending outbreak.’
    • ‘You've probably heard of Murray Valley encephalitis, part of the same family as the West Nile virus.’
    • ‘Humans can contract the disease when bitten by mosquitoes infected with West Nile virus.’
    • ‘Further testing yesterday at the California Department of Health Services confirmed West Nile virus infection.’
    • ‘How can you avoid the itch as well as mosquito-borne illnesses such as West Nile virus?’
    • ‘People become infected with West Nile virus, a strain of encephalitis, through the bite of infected mosquitoes.’
    • ‘Harley, a barred owl, gets a vaccination for the West Nile virus from Dr. Jim Langley.’
    • ‘Diagnosis of West Nile virus can be difficult using current methods.’
    • ‘Wild birds are the primary hosts for West Nile virus, which is passed among animals via mosquito bites.’