Meaning of West Virginian in English:

West Virginian


  • Relating to or characteristic of the US state of West Virginia or its inhabitants.

    ‘the West Virginian wilderness’
    • ‘It was once true that nearly every commercial pilot spoke in a drawl, imitating the West Virginian accent of the most glamorous airman of all time.’
    • ‘The working conditions for West Virginian coal miners in the 1920s were atrocious.’
    • ‘A large number of West Virginian natives have moved out to places like the Washington DC area or Atlanta.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the US state of West Virginia.

    ‘a West Virginian holding a doctorate degree’
    • ‘I spoke about how proud I was to be a West Virginian.’
    • ‘A proud West Virginian, Campbell was a master storyteller.’
    • ‘A native West Virginian, Robert has a strong independent streak-and his first instinct was to act.’
    • ‘He evinces a genuine affection for his fellow West Virginians.’


West Virginian

/wɛst vəˈdʒɪnɪən/