Meaning of westering in English:



  • (especially of the sun) nearing the west.

    ‘the last rays of the westering sun’
    • ‘The westering sun speeds us home, but not before we spot Jain monks meditating in eternal silence on the heat-cracked, scrub-bearded red earth beyond the town.’
    • ‘The whole scene is so primeval that we would stand gaping all afternoon if the westering arc of the sun didn't jog us on our way.’
    • ‘Although routes made by westering European Americans made up only a tiny portion of all the trails across the West, they are the ones that define the West's historical outlines.’
    • ‘Discovering and forging westering paths was increasingly portrayed as a heroic, transforming experience.’
    • ‘American ideas about the environment grew up in conjunction with the process of westering.’


Mid 17th century from the literary verb wester, from west.