Meaning of western swing in English:

western swing


mass noun
  • A style of country music influenced by jazz, popular in the 1930s.

    ‘my other musical influence was western swing’
    • ‘This group records western swing and jazz and has had to face criticism for their lack of writing.’
    • ‘Throughout these 13 uplifting ditties, which run the gamut from traditional country to blues, western swing and roots rock, Lund lauds his home and native land.’
    • ‘‘You hear all kinds of music at these things,’ says Sandmark, ‘Rockabilly, swing, jump blues, country, western swing - and from all over, too.’’
    • ‘My family listened to country and western and western swing.’
    • ‘To discuss this expansion, Lange divides country music into six sub-genres: progressive country, western swing, postwar traditional, honky-tonk, country pop, and country blues.’
    • ‘First up is Dakota Dave Hull, an American guitarist who has combined elements of jazz, ragtime, folk, blues, western swing and vintage pop to create a novel music genre typified by his exceptional playing.’
    • ‘Waselchuck has performed with and led jazz groups such as Full Count Jazz Band, Wholly Cats, and played folk and blues and western swing.’
    • ‘Throw a steel guitar in and it's the essence of western swing.’
    • ‘With eight recordings under his belt, Big Sandy and his band, the Fly-Rite Boys, are showing more depth than ever, revealing more of their genuine affinity for western swing, rhythm and blues, hillbilly boogie and roots rock.’
    • ‘There are ballads, blues and western swing, and Burch describes it as music you might hear in a dream and try in vain to remember in the morning.’
    • ‘At the Mustang the western swing really gets them going - they twirl, move their hips and seem to know where their feet are going.’
    • ‘Born in Texas in 1933, Nelson's popularity stemmed from a diverse range of musical influences, from the Texan drawl of Ernest Tubb to the western swing of Bob Wills.’