Meaning of westernization in English:


(British westernisation)


See westernize

  • ‘At a time when cultural events influenced by westernisation are fast becoming more popular among the younger generation, there is a growing concern that ancient and traditional arts would slowly fade away.’
  • ‘Underneath the veneer of westernisation there is a hugely abundant and powerful cultural tradition that won't die out and is in fact also influencing us in the west.’
  • ‘There is also a process of easternization, said in management circles to be replacing an exhausted process of westernization, as western techniques of management and organization are replaced by those of Asia.’
  • ‘Tremendous changes have transpired during the last decade in Central and Eastern Europe, both in the economy and in the westernization of everyday life.’
  • ‘Increasing westernisation of food and drink products there has helped pizza become the fastest growing category of the prepared meals sector.’