Main meanings of westie in English

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informal, derogatory Australian, New Zealand
  • A person from the western suburbs of a city, typically seen as socially disadvantaged.

    ‘we were served by some westie with an attitude problem’
    as modifier ‘the show was self-conscious about its westie stereotypes’
    • ‘His show reads like a westie couple's favourite jukebox tunes.’
    • ‘Funny how inside every flannel wearing westie, there is a world champion drag racer raring to get out.’
    • ‘Laughing at westie fashions is like the cheap fart joke of suburban humour.’
    • ‘Basically, this guy is the biggest westie out.’
    • ‘And here was me assuming the locale would be markedly friendlier than the Bronx (ie, the westie suburbs).’
    • ‘Hell, I wanted to do Naughty Rude because there is too much of the bogan westie macho footballer ideology going around amongst guys.’
    • ‘No one carries on like that, not even a Westie.’
    • ‘It's amazing how much rubbish westies throw into these canals.’
    • ‘In Victoria the differences between prole accents (westies, bogans, etc.) and "proper" English is marked.’


1970s from west + -ie.




Main meanings of Westie in English

: westie1Westie2



  • A West Highland terrier.

    • ‘Another Doberman, two beagles, a chihuahua, a Finnish spitz, a Westie and a retriever will also be travelling up with their owners to the competition on March 6 to 9.’
    • ‘We want one eventually but the problem is they want a Clydesdale and a Westie too.’
    • ‘A mighty barking heralds your approach, and the visitor is engulfed by a tidal wave of Labradors, Westies and an Irish Water Spaniel who then jockey for position beside and over you on the sofas.’
    • ‘Like other white dogs, the Westie often has problems with skin allergies, usually caused by fleas.’
    • ‘The Westie, a fluffy eight year-old, stands accused of annoying neighbours in Braeside Place, Aberdeen, by barking too loudly.’
    • ‘The Westie is a wonderful breed, scoring big on the Cute-O-Meter, with buckets of surprising intelligence to boot.’
    • ‘And a seven-year-old Westie, dumped in Grays, was found unable to stand up and could not be saved by vets who found it had a brain condition.’
    • ‘Alexia slipped the leash on the two Westies before bringing them to the kennel just behind the house.’