Meaning of Westminster village in English:

Westminster village

(also Westminster bubble)


  • The politicians, civil servants, and journalists working in and around Westminster, typically considered as a community removed from the experiences and concerns of the general public.

    ‘until he was catapulted into the job of foreign secretary, few people beyond the Westminster village had noticed him’
    • ‘MPs do not possess 'identities', they are of one identity - the collective borg of Westminster Village!’
    • ‘He even compares his job to that of a foreign correspondent, filing reports from the Westminster village.’
    • ‘They dismiss this week's language problem as a storm in a Westminster village teacup.’
    • ‘The PM and his wife boarded a flight to Portugal today, as politicians plotted their summer escape from the Westminster village.’
    • ‘Back in the Westminster bubble he is assailed by advice from all sides on how to react to the vicious swathe of cuts.’
    • ‘Judging by social media and the reporting of the Westminster bubble, neither side can wait.’
    • ‘My problem is that no one in the Westminster bubble or the media seems to care about the future of the UK.’
    • ‘It is a typical Westminster bubble view of the police.’
    • ‘Its members see the key to local elections as a focus on communities, particularly those that feel alienated from the Westminster bubble.’
    • ‘It's a classic case of a worthless politician cuddling up to the received wisdom of the Westminster village, whilst ignoring the people he's supposed to represent.’
    • ‘Reshuffles may not mean much outside the Westminster village, but they are good indicators of the political weather.’